FCCMA 2017 Annual Conference

2017-FCCMA-Conference-logoInnovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Times of Change

May 31 – June 3, 2017
Hilton Orlando • 6001 Destination Parkway • Orlando, FL

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From Homeless to Harvard

With a story so powerful it was made into a movie, Liz Murray shares her fascinating, inspirational message of growing up
with two drug-addicted parents who she began supporting at the age of 10. Homeless at 15, the death of her mother was
the wake-up call that made her break free of her circumstances and pursue a different path for her life. While living on the
streets of New York, she completed and graduated from high school in just two years. Overcoming horrible odds, she won
a full scholarship and was accepted to Harvard University. Murray offers one of the most moving, elegant and uplifting
tales you will ever hear.

Economic Outlook for Florida and the U.S.

Stan Geberer, Senior Associate with Fishkind & Associates, will present a discussion of current economic conditions
in the U.S. and Florida and provide a short-term economic forecast. Highlights will include: interest rates, inflation,
the GDP forecast and economic policy at the national level, as well as Florida’s population and employment growth
forecast, housing market outlook, demographic and geographic considerations. Government budget implications,
property valuations and the local effects of national economic policy will also be discussed.

Innovation for Communities: A Smart Future

Futurist and strategist Jim Stikeleather will discuss recent changes in society, business and even individuals, and how
those changes foretell a change in what is necessary for our cities and communities to grow and thrive. He will outline
a short journey of progress in the past and suggest how to enable, facilitate and accelerate progress in the future. The
changing nature of economic friction will totally invert the traditional view of how to grow a community, and civic and
economic infrastructure will begin to merge. The systems of the economy, business and government will become inextricably connected to an individual’s total societal experience. A short cheat sheet of innovation, its three applicable
governmental forms and how to get started will be provided at the end of the session.

Leadership Lessons

Reverend Jeffrey Brown was one of the key architects behind the “Boston Miracle,” which saw the violent crime
rate among that city’s youth plummet by 79 percent over a decade. Today, as the president of RECAP and co-founder
of My City at Peace, he works with faith groups and local governments to stop gang violence. He will discuss collaborative
leadership, community building and what it takes to institute real change in organizations of all stripes.

Pre-Conference Sessions:

Ethics in Today’s World
County Session: Regional Planning and Development

Session Titles/Topics:

ICMA-RC Workshop: 10 Question Guide to Retirement
Strategies for Building the Workforce of Tomorrow
The Drones are Coming!
Innovations in Managing Municipal Infrastructure Service Across the Enterprise
The Importance of Emerging Leaders Groups
Evaluating the City Manager: Best Management Practices
Data Innovation for Utility Financial Survival
Awards Program: Celebrating Professional Management
Inspirational Breakfast: God’s in Our Corner in Our Challenges and Victories
Are Cars Driving the Future?
Lightening Round Sessions: Ideas in 15 Minutes or Less
Keeping PACE with the Latest in Property Improvement Financing Options
To Festival or Not?
Lessons Learned from Hurricane Matthew
Engaging Citizens Every Day and During a Crisis
Journey’s: Balancing Professional and Personal Life in the Local Management Profession