Pinellas Park Onsite Training Session

The onsite training session that was to be held on Friday in Pinellas Park has been cancelled due to lack of registrations.

FCCMA would like to thank Norton Bonaparte for his willingness to share his story at two previous trainings.

March New Members

The following membership application has been received.  If no current member comes forth with a reason why this applicant should not be approved as a member, he/she will be invoiced for dues. Bolton Parners, Inc., District IV, Contact: Jeffrey DeLisle, Senior Consultant, Corporate Member.

Coupons at FCCMA Annual Conference

This year, FCCMA has teamed up with Orlando Convention Aid to help you make the most of your time in Orlando. Available discounts include restaurants, golf, attractions, nightlife, shopping and much more. Each listing offers detailed information and discount coupons that can be printed. They can also make your dinner reservation, book your group dinner…


Florida Benchmarking Consortium’s Annual Spring Conference

The Florida Benchmarking Consortium’s Annual Spring Conference will be held April 25-26, 2013 at the City of Winter Park Community Center. The theme for this year’s conference is “Engaging Internal and External Customers Through Metrics.” This conference will take a look at creating buy-in for internal customers and soliciting advocates for your programs and services…


Report from the ICMA SE Vice President

Lee Feldman, City Manager of Fort Lauderdale and ICMA SE Regional Vice President reported at the February Board Meeting that ICMA is pushing volunteerism and asking the state associations to get their members more engaged in things rather than being passive members.   The next generation is very critical to ICMA.  ICMA is hoping that Florida…


Lease Assumption Offer

The Village of Golf has a TOO large (size and volume) postal machine that we cannot trade out.  We are 1/3 of the way into our lease and our Pitney Bowes’ rep said they would be willing to allow the lease to go to another jurisdiction and have them take it over.  It is in…


Friday Night at Conference

Come to the Friday Night Social at the Annual Conference and see what the conference planning committee has put together for this year’s event. Last year, the districts competed in Jeopardy and Bruce Haddock won for District 7. This year the districts will compete in several different games for points. The district that wins the…


ICMA Credentialed Manager Program

Below are the three steps to ICMA credentialing. They are:  Confirm that you are eligible. See or contact Complete the Applied Knowledge Assessment at Complete the credentialing application at For those of you who are credentialed managers and have questions about course tracking, here is a suggestion on how to track…


Navigating Successful Working Relations with Elected Officals

It is far harder to sail through uncertain, rough waters than to walk on dry ground – that is the tough reality for today’s council-manager relationships. You may be swimming in political waters, but you need to sail by the compass of professionalism and servant leadership. Every day you need skills that are part psychologist,…


“Outsourcing – Pros and Cons and Important Tips”

Every organization has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to getting the job done. Is your organization operating at peak efficiency? Are you utilizing all of the resources available to you to the full extent. This thought provoking session will focus on outsourcing and will feature three leaders that have proven track…