2017 Professional Management Matters Campaign

The Florida City and County Management Association (FCCMA) is in the third full year of a multi-year public education campaign regarding the benefits of professional local government management.  The Association is seeking a fourth (4th) year of consulting assistance from an experienced public relations/communications firm with this multi-approached effort.  Please note that the firm providing assistance for the past three (3) years will also be considered; HCP, Inc. of Tampa.

The campaign is referred to as “Professional Management Matters” (PMM for short).  It is based upon the International City/County Management Association’s (ICMA) campaign called “Life, Well Run.” You can learn more about this at www.icma.org/lwr and for the PMM campaign please see www.fccma.org/


Please see the campaign specifics on the next page.  As a not-for-profit association, the FCCMA has committed a substantial portion of its funds to this campaign; however, as it has progressed the amount of external assistance has slightly decreased.  Therefore, the PMM Committee wishes to secure proposals for the fourth year in line with a reduced scope of service in advance of our July budget process.  Your proposal should include an annual cost based upon a fiscal year of 10/1/16 to 9/30/17 and should include all related costs to provide the detailed services.


The deadline to submit a proposal is May 13, 2016 to:

Lynn Tipton, FCCMA Executive Director

Post Office Box 1757

Tallahassee, FL  32302-1757

Email: ltipton@flcities.com

Direct phone: 407/367-4025

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the project, please contact Lynn Tipton at the number above, or Casey Cook at (850) 222-9684 or ccook@flcities.com.


Download Call for Proposals Announcement

Scope of Services: Professional Management Matters Administrative and Marketing Support (Contractor)

Purpose: to provide assistance and structure for the implementation of objectives identified by the FCCMA Professional Management Matters Committee (PMM) and to assist PMM Ambassadors in the adopted regions as they reach out to City and County thought leaders to promote professional local government management.

Task 1) Support the PMM Committee by coordinating with the Committee Chair to prepare an agenda for all meetings of the Committee. This task will include proposing agenda items and coordinating monthly conference calls.

Task 2) Maintain an inventory of outreach documents and resources which can be used by FCCMA to promote Professional local government management.  The contractor will be accessible to committee members for information and technical assistance as needed.

Task 3) Provide training/orientation on PMM goals and talking points for the Central West (CW), Central East (CE) Ambassadors. Additional training / orientations may be necessitated by the addition of up to two additional geographic areas during fiscal year 2017. The PMM Committee and the FCCMA Board will determine if PMM is extended to geographic areas beyond the CW and CE areas.

Task 4) Coordinate a monthly conference call with the CE and CW lead Ambassadors and other Ambassadors in the regions to ensure that the regional goals are being met and to help the Ambassadors resolve issues with coordination and/or messaging.

Task 5) Assist the PMM Committee to adopt outcome indicators and performance measures which can be used to identify impact of the PMM Committee and regional PMM activities.

Task 6) Develop and compile the results of survey responses following Ambassador visits on a monthly and annual basis.

Task 7) Prepare a draft monthly and annual report of PMM activities and accomplishments (metrics of # of visits, # spoken to, survey responses) which can be provided to the PMM Committee and the FCCMA Board.

Task 8) Collaborate with the PMM Committee to identify strategic ideas, initiatives and partners to effectively promote professional local government management. The contractor will serve as a partner to assist the PMM Committee and Ambassadors to promote professional local government management.