Professional Management Matters is an FCCMA program based on ICMA’s Life, Well Run initiative. The purpose is to highlight the benefits of the council-manager form of government and to explore real life examples of how the collaboration between professional managers and elected officials impact local governments




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Discover The Benefits

Professional municipal managers have the knowledge, education, and experience to coordinate all the various moving parts of a city. They are an invaluable asset: having the capacity to make decisions, and having no political affiliation, they are first and foremost dedicated to the needs of their community. Combining this with their education, training, hands-on experience, and code of ethics; you can be certain that your city, town, or village are in good hands.

Focusing On The Next Generation

FCCMA’s Professional Management Matters campaign has shifted its focal audience.  Currently, outreach emphasis is on Public Administration students. As our current officials reach the end of their careers, the need to encourage the next generation to approach city/county management with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, experience, effectiveness and ethics comes to a head. But we are always looking for input on potential audiences that would benefit from our message.  Contact Carol Russell for more information.

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