Local Government Matters is designed to help FCCMA members in their day-to-day work as public sector employers, and employees. A task force was established in 2011 and developed these tools. We often find ourselves defending the roles and work of cities and counties – and sometimes need help in doing so. The materials are offered as guides and ideas when you need assistance defending the valuable work and quality of life provided by Florida’s cities and counties.

If you have questions regarding these materials, please contact FCCMA at (850) 222-9684 or ltipton@flcities.com Also, an FCCMA committee working on local government awareness that may be helpful to you.

Jonathan R. Lewis
FCCMA President 2011-2012
City Manager, North Port

Randall H. Reid
Task Force Chairman
County Administrator
Sarasota County

Task Force Members:
Brad Johnson, Bob Lee, Ph.D., Tracy Miller

Editorials on Public Service

Posters and Artwork

Consider honoring your public employees with art work.  Below are links to examples of posters and post cards that can be used to paint a visual picture of the positive things public employees do every day to contribute to your community.  Be creative! 
















Quality of Life Video Link to Florida League of Cities

Cities and counties are often called upon to describe the benefits they provide to their respective citizens. Sometimes, pictures can be more powerful than words as these videos prove. The FLC launched a quality of life campaign in 2010-11 and won an Emmy for these videos showcasing what local government services mean on a daily basis. If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Titcomb, communications coordinator for the FLC at jtitcomb@flcities.com or (800) 342-8112.

Additional Resources

Center for Local Government Excellence:

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