FCCMA has adopted the ICMA Code of Ethics:
ICMA Code of Ethics (Amended October 2019)

Ethics Matter Poster– Courtesy of Gainesville Sun and FCCMA
Ethics Matter Pamphlet (PDF)

In addition to the Code of Ethics itself, ICMA prepares a list of tenets, guidelines and advice. It is updated frequently and reflects the changes made each year by ICMA. You can reach this portion of the web site here:

ICMA Ethics Tenets

As an organization that adheres to the ICMA Code of Ethics, FCCMA requires members to be educated on the Professional Management Ethical Tenets. To be eligible to join FCCMA, you must demonstrate your knowledge as it relates to these tenets. FCCMA has created this ethics course to help prospective members become more proficient when dealing with ethical issues.

Proceed to the Ethics Review by clicking below. Please read the tenets and case studies. After each case study, there is a multiple choice question. Once you have reflected on the question, please select your answer, then read the correct choice.

Note: The FCCMA Review course requires about 30 minutes to complete and must be finished once started; there is no provision for stopping and starting. The course is for both potential FCCMA members and current members. Once completed, FCCMA will issue you an Ethics Review Certification. For questions contact 850.222.9684.

Click here to take the FCCMA Ethics Review