• All FCCMA member categories except Corporate are required to take four (4) hours of ethics training.
  • Training must be completed within FCCMA’s fiscal year, which extends from October 1 through September 30.
  • Member’s should be aware that local requirements mandating city and county charter provisions, and/or ordinances requiring ethics training, may count that training toward the FCCMA requirement. This also applies to training taken for credentialing through ICMA.
  • Exemptions may be granted by the Board of Directors for members who are not working in the profession. (For example, Life members who are retired from the profession or Subscriber members who are not working in the profession.)
  • Members who fail to comply by the end of the fiscal year will receive notification of pending non-compliance and will be provided a one hundred twenty (120) day grace period to record the training.

This page lists several training opportunities to help you receive your ethics training.