The mission of “Jobs in Transition” (JIT) for MIT is to form an organized structure to facilitate a quicker process to find “JIT for MIT.”  Eligibility for this program will be FCCMA/ICMA Registered MITs in Florida.

“JIT for MIT” will form a consortium of public/private sector businesses and contacts to quickly match MIT and their skill sets with a particular business.

For more information on how to be a business partner for a lifesaver, please contact Craig Hunter at

JIT for MIT Business Partners


Government Services Group

JIT for MIT Lifesavers

Pam Brangaccio, City Manager, City of New Smyrna Beach
Michael Cernech, City Manager, Tamarac
Lee Feldman, City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale
Howard Tipton, Jr., County Administrator, St. Lucie County

FCCMA/ICMA Registered MITs

Susan Grant
District V
Former Manager of Aventura
(954) 547-9521


Dr. Philip Harris
District V
Former Human Services Administrator
(727) 900-1338


Glenn Irby
District III
Former Administrator of Apopka
(352) 669-8750


Steve Lachnicht
District VII
Former Director of Alachua County
(352) 575-4243

Ted Lakey
District II
Former Manager of Taylor County
(850) 573-1412

Carisse LeJeune
District I
Former Manager of Destin
(561) 202-7554

Kathleen Margoles
District V
Former Director of Oakland Park
(954) 328-1420

Maria Menendez
District V
Former Assistant Manager of Pinecrest
(305) 733-0039

Angela Montgomery
District VII
Former Assistant Manager of Alachua County
(678) 668-3923

Donald Stilwell
District VI
Former Manager of Fort Myers Beach
(239) 334-9301

Bodgan “Bob” Vitas
District IV
Former Manager of South Palm Beach
(224) 202-4107