The mission of “Jobs in Transition” (JIT) for MIT is to form an organized structure to facilitate a quicker process to find “JIT for MIT.”  Eligibility for this program will be FCCMA/ICMA Registered MITs in Florida.

“JIT for MIT” will form a consortium of public/private sector businesses and contacts to quickly match MIT and their skill sets with a particular business.

JIT for MIT Business Partners


Government Services Group

JIT for MIT Lifesavers

Michael Cernech, City Manager, Tamarac
Howard Tipton, Jr., County Administrator, St. Lucie County

FCCMA/ICMA Registered MITs

Bob Daniels
District III
Former Manager of Melbourne Beach
(561) 339-4026

Lee Feldman
District V
Former Manager of Fort Lauderdale
(954) 999-2115

Susan Grant
District V
Former Manager of Aventura
(954) 547-9521


Ted Lakey
District II
Former Manager of Taylor County
(850) 573-1412

Mark Lauzier
District IV
Former Manager of Delray Beach
(954) 654-5459


Carisse LeJeune
District I
Former Manager of Destin
(561) 202-7554


Kathleen Margoles
District V
Former Director of Oakland Park
(954) 328-1420

Maria Menendez
District V
Former Assistant Manager of Pinecrest
(305) 733-0039

William F. Underwood II
District IV
Former Manager of Loxahatchee Groves
(772) 233-1511