Take Your Service to the Next Level

The FCCMA Board of Directors provdes leadership to the Association and consists of 15 members, including the president, president-elect, secretary-treasurer, immediate past-president and eight district directors. Board members provide leadership to FCCMA and demonstrate leadership to FCCMA members, elected officials and the public. They engage in activities in their respective districts or, for at-large directors, throughout the state and are responsible for committee assignments throughout their term of office.

What Are the Expectations for a Board Member?

Election to the FCCMA Board is for two-year terms. Directors should be prepared to spend several hours per month on board responsibilities. Activities include:

  • Attending quarterly board meetings.
  • Participating in district and state activities including, but not limited to, meetings, workshops, and webinars.
  • Liaisons to committees as may be assigned by the president, which may include conference calls, report preparation and presentations.
  • Actively working on member recruitment and retention.
  • Assisting and supporting Members-in–Transition.
  • Reporting all activities to the Board and FCCMA staff.

Board expenses, such as travel and conference registration are not reimbursed by FCCMA. However, if a board member is asked to represent FCCMA on an outside committee; e.g., the ICMA Conference Planning Committee, a stipend for travel may be approved by the Board.

Who is Eligible to Serve on the Board?

Any FCCMA member who has been a full member for at least three years by the date of the Annual Business Meeting, is eligible to apply.

How Are Board Members Selected?

At-Large Directors and Secretary-Treasurer

  • All positions are initiated through a self-nomination process, which is then vetted by the Nominating Committee to include personal interviews of the candidates.
  • The Board selects the Nominating Committee, which consists of the outgoing president, president-elect, secretary-treasurer and eight members from each of the districts, at the first Board of Director’s meeting of the fiscal year.
  • The Nominating Committee canvasses membership no later than 120 days prior to the annual meeting to solicit candidates for the positions of Secretary-Treasurer and the open At-Large Director seats.
  • The full slate of officers is noticed to membership 30 days prior to the annual meeting.

District Directors

  • The district process is similar to the at-large process, but conducted at the district level.
  • Districts conduct their nomination/selection process and notifies the Nominating Committee no later than February 15.

For additional information, contact Carol Russell at crussell@flcities.com or 850.222.9684