Florida City and County Management Association
Membership Application

All members are required annually to receive four hours of ethics training.

  • Personal Data

  • Education

  • Please state degree earned, institution, state and year earned.
  • Work Experience

  • Please begin with your most recent position. Please state years served, position title, employer and state.
  • The FCCMA membership policy requires that each applicant receive one endorsement from an affiliate, full or life FCCMA member or no endorsement if the applicant is an ICMA member. Please indicate your reference by stating name, title and organization. We may contact this person to verify his/her endorsement of you.
    As chief administrative officer for the applicant's city/county, I hereby certify that the above-named individual is qualified for full membership status as outlined in the FCCMA Bylaws which states: A person who serves in a full-time position appointed by the administrative head of a local government within the boundaries of Florida and who has received an endorsement from that administrative head as having significant general administrative responsibilities. We may contact this person.
    By my affirmation, I certify that the information supplied above is true to the best of my knowledge. I have read and agree to comply with the ICMA Code of Ethics and understand that completion of the online ethics review is required. Additionally I understand that four hours of ethics training is required to maintain membership.