The qualifications of the members and the manner of their admission to membership in this Association shall be as follows:

All applicants must complete an application, complete the online ethics review and get one endorsement from an affiliate, full or life FCCMA member or no endorsement if the applicant is an ICMA member. If the applicant is a student, an endorsement is not required until the first renewal period. Applicants are noticed for 30 days on the website and then approved by the Membership Committee. Once the approval process is completed (approximately 45 days) the applicant is invoiced for dues. Upon payment of dues, the applicant becomes a member in good standing.

As an organization that adheres to the ICMA Code of Ethics, FCCMA requires members to be educated on the ethical tenets. To be eligible to join FCCMA, a prospective member must demonstrate his/her knowledge as it relates to these tenets by completing the online ethics review. To accommodate this, FCCMA has posted the ethics review on the website to help prospective members (or anyone else who is interested in reviewing his/her knowledge of the tenets) to become more proficient when dealing with ethical issues. The FCCMA ethics review is comprised of case studies related to each of the tenets and there is no provision for stopping and starting the review. All FCCMA member applicants must complete the review upon applying for membership. Once completed, an ethics certificate will be mailed. For questions, contact Carol Russell at 850-701-3607.

Membership Dues

Full Member Dues: $3.00 per $1,000 of base salary or $200, whichever is greater
Affiliate Member Dues: $150 per year
Corporate Member Dues: $250 per year
Life Member Dues: $25 per year
Student Member Dues: $10 per year
Subscriber Member Dues: $25 per year

Membership Categories

Full Member

Eligibility: A person who serves as the full-time administrative head of a local government within Florida.
Members qualifying for this category may not downgrade their membership to another category.

A person who serves in a full-time position appointed by the administrative head of a local government within the boundaries of Florida and who has received an endorsement from that administrative head as having significant general administrative responsibilities.

A person who has been designated as a full member of the Association in the past and is in good standing with the Association.

A person who is a full member of the International City/County Management Association (“ICMA”) at the time of application.

Dues: $3.00 per $1,000 of base salary or $200, whichever is greater

Affiliate Member

Eligibility: Any person who does not meet the criteria for a full member employed in local government or an individual employed by a not-for-profit agency, association, university, etc.

Dues: $150 per year

Corporate Member

Eligibility: Any person seeking or engaged in a business relationship with a local government. Unlike other member categories, the Corporate Membership is in the company’s name and remains with the company, not the individual.

Dues: $250 per year

Life Member

Eligibility: Any former FCCMA member or ICMA member from another state, in good standing, who has retired from the profession and wishes to maintain an affiliation or begin an affiliation with the Association. This would include range riders who were not bestowed an honorary award. A 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors can bestow complimentary membership to a FCCMA Life Member who has made a substantial contribution to the Association.

Dues: $25 per year

Student Member

Eligibility: Any person whose primary activity is being a student in public administration or public affairs that intends to follow a career in local government or any full-time intern or fellow working in local government and is not eligible, or more appropriately classified, in another membership category.

Dues: $10 per year

Subscriber Member

Eligibility: Any person not residing in the State of Florida who is interested in receiving all the publications and keeping in contact with the Association but does not wish to be a participating A subscriber member of the Association cannot serve on the committees of the Association.

Dues: $25 per year