Professional Management Matters is an FCCMA program: our purpose is to highlight the benefits of the council-manager form of government and to explore real life examples of how the collaboration between professional managers and elected officials and staff impact local governments. We also emphasize education of the next generation of Florida’s professional managers. 

Definition of a Professional Manager

An appointed, professional local government manager/administrator (manager) is the non-political chief executive officer of a municipal or county government organization. The manager is knowledgeable and skilled in areas such as budgeting, finance, human resources, government political structure, and other related functions specific to successfully managing a local governmental entity. A manager possesses an extremely high degree of ethics and integrity adhering to an adopted code of ethics and transparency in all decision making. He/she implements the policies set by the elected body and runs the day to day operation of the local government agency. The manager implements organizational improvement and policy development while leading the organization in achieving the stated mission, goals, and expectations.

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Discover The Benefits

Professional municipal managers have the knowledge, education, and experience to coordinate all the various moving parts of a city. They are an invaluable asset: having the capacity to make decisions, and having no political affiliation, they are first and foremost dedicated to the needs of their community. Combining this with their education, training, hands-on experience, and code of ethics; you can be certain that your city, town, or village are in good hands.


Focusing On The Next Generation

FCCMA’s Professional Management Matters program recognizes the importance of training and mentoring the next generation of Florida’s professional managers through internships, college programs, job fairs and regular interaction between managers and public administration students.

As our current officials reach the end of their career: the need to encourage the next generation to approach city/county management with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, experience, effectiveness, and ethics comes to a head. But we are always looking for input on potential audiences that would benefit from our message.  Contact Carol Russell for more information.